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Leather Nantucket Flask By Nancy Jakubik

$ 78.00

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From local Nantucket artisan Jack, this leather bound 6 ounce stainless steel flask is the perfect companion for the beach, picnics, hunting, a round of golf or any activity where a nip of your favorite beverage would be welcome. The leather is imported high grade cowhide from Italy that has been custom cut, embossed and hand stitched here on Nantucket. The flask is from a small, premium grade domestic producer. It is made entirely from stainless steel specifically approved by the FDA for food use.  The seams have been laser welded for precision and durability, and the interior of the flask has been highly polished to prevent any risk of contamination. A classic that will age as gracefully as your favorite whiskey!

Flask measures: 4.25”H x 1”D x 4”W